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What Is Rectangle Mac? All you need to Know about Rectangle

You usually use more open windows than you'd want, whether a PC or a Mac. You could also want to have windows fill the whole screen. In Window Manager Applications, the Rectangle Mac & Rectangle Pro Mac is now the game-changer.

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What Is Rectangle App?

The Rectangle Mac is a risk-free program that helps you organize your windows. It is similar to Magnet, but Rectangle has a few more capabilities and is, most importantly, fair and transparent. We would say the Rectangle Mac is a multitasker's greatest buddy. Rectangle Mac allows you to move windows around with your cursor, move several windows with a simple click, create unique shortcuts, etc.

As we said initially, it's a window management program based on Spectacle developed in Swift and can be used to drag and resize panels macOS using shortcut keys or snap sections. This excellent and practical application helps you get more done on your Mac with a few mouse clicks.

It also has 16 window sizes and locations, keyboard shortcuts, snap windows to screen boundaries, move and resize windows by pressing a key and dragging your pointer, and photo windows beneath your cursor, even if they are not in focus. Rectangle Mac allows us to work more efficiently and create code quickly.

In addition, we may use cursor movement to reposition windows, move different windows with a single command, build custom keys, etc. Rectangle Mac has certain traditional open-source benefits over its closed-source competitors since it is an open-source platform. One, it is entirely free to use. Second, it enables anybody with coding expertise to fix bugs and add features.

The Rectangle Mac is just a display management software created in Apple Swift and based on the Spectacle. We've been using Spectacle to organize our app windows for years, and on every new computer, it was generally the second program installed. It employs MAS Shortcut, one open-source sound package for shortcut capturing in macOS programs, whereas Spectacle utilizes its shortcut recorder.

What Is Rectangle Pro Mac?

Rectangle Pro allows you to access complete custom-arranged groups of apps and tabs with one shortcut, giving you greater control over custom shortcuts, and even fixing one shortcoming in Rectangle Mac.

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The Pro version is designed for individuals panting over playing with various settings, whereas Rectangle Mac already seems like a pro-user tool. You can also use iCloud to sync your settings and create new keyboard shortcuts with different window sizes and positions.

With Rectangle pro, there is no need for you to remember all those Keyboard shortcuts as you can easily find all of them inside the tool. In addition, there are 16 window sizes and positions to make the most out of the time you spend on your Mac.

Yes, altogether, the pro version’s unmatched customization options and actions make the juice worth the squeeze. With just a simple shortcut, you have the luxury of creating app groups to arrange an entire workspace.

The lightweight gesture means the pro version of Rectangle only uses your Mac’s CPU when you are using configured modifier keys, and that too is very minimal. Your machine will love the presence of Rectangle as it has little to no impact on your Mac’s speed.

Most importantly, it is so simple to start working with Rectangle Pro. All the features are simple to understand and put into work. None of the features are conflicting with your Mac’s built-in features.

Rectangle Pro Mac vs. Rectangle Mac

Rectangle Pro gives you way more features and a better experience. With the premium edition of the program, you may construct application groups exactly how you want them with a simple shortcut.

Before you download the pro version of the Rectangle app, you have the opportunity to try and test it for ten days before you pull the credit card out. So, no barriers; if it doesn’t live up to the hype, at least from your perspective, you are free to cancel.

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Rectangle's mechanism of action

To get started, click and drag the head of a window further to the left or right edge of the screen. A black box will show you where Rectangle Mac will "snap" that screen into position. Your applications will be tidied up before you realize it.

When you first install Rectangle Mac, the quickest method to get started is to select the menu icon that appears in the upper right corner of your screen.

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The first step is to grant Rectangle Mac access to our machine using the "Accessibility" path of System Preferences' "Privacy" tab. The Rectangle Mac will give you a warning and direct you to the appropriate screen. This is critical since Rectangle Mac will not function until Rectangle Mac is checked in this configuration window.


If you are new to Rectangle Mac, no wonder you have questions in your mind waiting for answers. Here, we have added a FAQ section to the report to help you out with important answers to some queries.

01. What Are Rectangle Alternatives?

Although we recommend Rectangle over others, there can be reasons for you to dislike it. Here are some of the best Rectangle alternatives you can try in 2022.

  • Magnet
  • Magnet is clearly one of the prominent competitors of Rectangle. Window snapping is something that you can do without much of a fuss with Magnet.

  • BetterSnapTool
  • The third best tool we recommend after Rectangle and Magnet is BetterSnapTool. With this tool, you can quickly change the position and resize your opened windows as you want with just drags and drops. It’s a paid tool similar to Magnet, and BetterSnapTool costs you $2.99/month.

  • HazeOver
  • If you are dealing with multiple opened windows on your Mac screen at once, Hazeover would be a good choice to consider. It helps you with a dimmer option to minimize the distraction of other windows and highlights only the one that you are currently working on.

  • Amethyst
  • For those who hate overlapping windows on their Macs, Amethyst comes up with a proper answer. This tiling windows manager app arranges your files side-by-side and facilitates you with the option of keeping them by similar means.

    Amethyst also is a paid tool that comes at a price tag of $4.99, but there is a free trial available before the purchase.

02. Is there a Windows equivalent to Rectangle Mac?

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Actually, there is no shortage of Rectangle alternatives for Windows users. Microsoft PowerToys is probably the best of the lot, because it's free to download and install. If you want more suggestions from us, we have no doubt to recommend DisplayFusion, BetterTouchTool, and AquaSnap as excellent Rectangle alternatives to use on your Windows computer.

03. What makes Rectangle unique?

A practical application for Mac users. Sixteen different window sizes and placements. Shortcuts on the keyboard. Snap windows to the screen's edges. Hold a key and move your cursor to move and resize. Even if the windows are not focused, you can snap them beneath your cursor. Any size and position can have custom shortcuts. There are more features in it to separate it from the competitors. We urge you have a look at it before you pay unwanted bucks for similar tools with fewer features.

04. Where is the split-screen shortcut in Rectangle?

To enter full-screen mode, press control + command + F. You may then press F3 to bring up Mission Control & drag another app over the one that is now full screen. Return to Split View by clicking back inside the freshly tiled applications.

05. Why can't I split the screen between my Mac in Rectangle?

If Split View isn't working, go to Apple menu > System Preferences, Mission Control, then ensure "Displays have distinct Spaces" is checked.

06. Rectangle Or Magnet; which one suits Mac Users?

The rectangle app is designed to compete against Magnet; one can say that. However, Rectangle provides more options to its users compared to Magnet. Comparatively, Magnet is a “basic” app; still, you need to purchase it. Whereas, Rectangle is a tad advanced app and completely free to use. So, if you ask us to choose one for you, go for Rectangle every day of the week.

07. Does Mac have a snipping tool?

Macs have had their snipping tool as well, and Mac users may snap various snaps and screen records with this powerful customer snipping tool. To use the snipping tool on a Mac is as simple as pressing and holding the Shift+Command+5 sequence of keys.

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The Rectangle Mac is a Swift-based open-source window organizer built on the Spectacle application. It can significantly improve our performance, whether or not we use keyboard shortcuts. To drag and resize windows, use keyboard keys and snap regions. Luckily, learning shortcut keys is simple. If you have any confusing spots or need more info about the Rectangle app, please drop your message below. We will respond to it in a jiffy. Have a great day!

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